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Throughout scripture, we see that God is constantly pursuing us. Calling us to turn from our selfish desires and fully follow after Him. That’s a renewed heart. Then there are passages where we see the importance of environments. From the Old Testament tabernacle to the upper room in the New Testament, the authors of the Bible give detail about the spaces where the church gathered and how people experienced God there. Since those ancient days, the sacred spaces are the “Renewed Home” where people connect with God and to each other.

Our goal is to raise the remaining $1.3 million by September 24th, allowing us to enter our renewed home shortly after… debt free. We know this is achievable if every individual and family takes a spiritual journey with a Renewed Heart to accomplish a Renewed Home.

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Dreaming and planning of a remodelled auditorium and lobby.

March 2020

All planning paused due to the pandemic.

June 23rd, 2021

Sprinkler bursts and auditorium floods.

June 30th, 2021

Members approve a budget for the auditorium, lobby washrooms and production space for Trinity Online.

July 2021

Redline Construction begins renovation/restoration work.

July 2021

Insurance claim and Seat Sale initiated.

October 2021

New labour, engineering, material cost assessment is projected to be 1 million over the original budget.

October 2021

Construction work on washrooms and Trinity Online production space is paused, Auditorium restoration continues.

November 2021

New project manager, Brian Chomyszyn, provides a renewed project plan and budget.

May 2022

Special Member's Meeting approves 1 million line of credit to keep the project moving forward.

Present - June 2022

New campaign for Capital Renewal now 'Renewed Heart, Renewed Home' is launched. Contributions for the remaining 1.3 million begins.

September 24th, 2022

Project goal completion date.

October 10, 2022

Potential first weekend back in the auditorium. Reveal of total contributions for Renewed Heart, Renewed Home

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Commit to bringing this vision before God, asking Him what your part should be. Consider fasting with the purpose of asking to be stretched into a new level of generosity. If you are married or have children, do this together.



Assess your financial situation, looking at what is essential and what might not be. Look at ways you can give sacrificially. 



Dedicate time to speak openly about this with others you trust. A friend, your spouse, or financial advisor. 



Should your heart be moved, step out in faith and contribute. These contributions should be given in addition to your regular giving (tithe).   

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We believe generosity is our privilege, and we are grateful you are a part of what God is building through us. Commit to the vision today.


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take part

renewal in our hearts and in our home

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